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Terms and Conditions

Revised February 03, 2016


  1. and are all provided by Brandon Williams and anything that is on any of these sites are copy written by Brandon Williams or the original owner and is only allowed to be used by those parties.

Main Site

  1. The Main site is used as a way to combine all the sites owned by Furor Magus into one site.

Clan Site,

  1. The clan site is used to provide a common ground for the clan Forsaken Empire to meet.
  2. Forsaken Empire is a non-profit clan
    1. Funds
      1. Money that Forsaken Empire receives will be from advertising, services provided, and donations.
      2. Funds will be divided between wages of officers, server costs, web site costs, tournament costs, and contest costs.
    2. Forsaken Empire will be run like a flat non-profit business.
      1. Overlord, The leader of the clan
      2. Officer, The people who oversee the game servers
      3. Sub-Officers, The people who oversee the games
      4. Members, The players in the clan
    3. Donations/Advertising
      1. Any donations received by Forsaken Empire for Forsaken Empire are non-refundable and to be used in the sole discretion of the majority body of the officers of Forsaken Empire if all other bills are paid in full.
      2. Any advertising must be submitted and paid for at least one month prior to the campaign going live so the officers may approve of the campaign.
      3. Any campaign may be canceled before the campaign starts for a full refund or up to one month after the campaign starts for a 1 month penalty.
      4. Any campaign canceled after the first month may be cancelled with no refund unless the officers agree to refund some of the remaining balance.

Merchant Services

  1. Provides Computers, Web sites, and Supplies for computer play at cheap prices.
  2. Refunds
    1. Merchant Services has a 30 day refund policy.
    2. Any refund that is not defective or sent for warrantee work is subject to a 15% restock fee
    3. In order to receive a refund you must return all parts, not requiring original box.
    4. If missing parts no refund will be sent
  3. Warrantee
    1. All warrantees are Manufacture warrantees.
    2. Buyer can request all warrantees to go through them and if they do Computer Stronghold will not be responsible for warrantees.
    3. Because all warrantees are manufacture warrantees there may be times when some parts are under warrantee longer then other parts inside your computer. All warrantee information can be viewed when buying the computer and will be sent with computer so there is no conflicts.


  1. The Archive is designed to be an archive of all my past works.
  2. All Programming on these works are copy written by Brandon Williams for use and implementation by Brandon Williams only. Any use without permission of Brandon Williams will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. Any information, pictures, content, etc is copy written by the original owner and is not to be replicated without written permission